Our Services

We provide quality technical support to individuals within the home. BEXTECH is family friendly and specialises in house calls, in house training or 'tech parties' you can have with a few friends, assisting all individuals with their technological needs. BEXTECH offers Technology with Heart, at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Mobile Phones

If you are looking to get a mobile phone to keep up with the family, or your phone just isn't working how it should. We can repair, assist you in replacing or offer support and training.


From chatting with the grandkids on social media, to setting up a Home Office. We can help you with all your computer needs and repairs. We also offer Tech Parties, for those wanting a small gathering of friends to learn some basic computer skills in a relaxed environment.


If you have received an NBN letter, and aren't sure what to do next? We can help you transition from your ADSL to NBN as smoothly as possible.


If you have an urgent issue that needs repairing or replacement, we will do our best to see you same day or assist you remotely.


Give us a call, or complete the form below and we will contact you! We can talk about your needs and our very affordable pricing. Seniors Discounts apply.

About Us

BEXTECH was created when Rebecca was overwhelmed with reports of people being left without internet and working phones due to the NBN. Technology moves fast, and no matter your age or computer skill level, we should all have the opportunity to keep up with current technology.

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